Beach Rules

Soak up the sun. Ride the waves. Breathe the salty air. Feel the breeze. Build sandcastles. Rest, relax, reflect. Collect seashells. Bare feet required.


I love the Pualani line with all my heart... The quality is amazing and I not only wear their swimsuits but also their shirts and other clothing! I know the owners personally and they are all about top-quality, cut no corners, top of the line swimwear and street wear. Their apparel lasts forever!!! I also love the big-hearted owners of this company so much and wish them all the success in the world. They have an amazing, fashionable line that deserves to be worn by every “body” out there!!!!

Cheryl Wheeler Sanders

I have been wearing Pualani suits & active wear for over 7 years. They still look like new since the fabrics are the highest quality. Iwalani is meticulous in regards to the way the suits are designed & flatter all shapes & sizes. I will never wear another brand now that I have found Pualani.

Cari Kost

Been wearing Pualani for at least 16 + years. It is the base of my wardrobe in and out of the water all year long. The quality and design is simply the best for active beach goers. My original suits are still perfect even though my body has changed throughout the years... they are timeless, practical and allows me to take the Hawai‘i sunshine and rainbows wherever I go.

Heidi Taam

I've been sharing these suits with all my active women friends, from around the world, for over 4 years, and most are still wearing them to surf, play volleyball, yoga, hike, swim, tan, run and a whole lot more. They all love the fit, the style and how long they last. The best all around bikinis and active gear hands down~

David Barnhart

its very stunning BLUE color and inside shop is smoky light blue I LOVE it. Pualani is one of out standing Hawaii's brand and has a ton of fun from all of the world! Japanese LOVE Pualani's comfortable fitting, collor and design as well. And they have great customer service at there! You should go once and you must love it!

Shinogu Sato

The swimwear and staff at Pualani are great. I made some friends there and found a great looking hat in addition to the bathing suit. The medium to dark blue storefront caught my eye right away. Thanks Kaz :)

Mary Hogan

Customer Service, Environment, Quality, Selection, Wait Time Absolutely an awesome experience!!!

Christine Holland

It would be amazing to see more of this beach wear in the East especially the southeast Florida the keys Tampa South Beach Miami Fort Lauderdale Daytona all the great beaches along the east coast and work the Way North.

Gary M Waid

Adore the swimsuits and just love the owners! You have to check them out. Check out the new store! Well worth your time.

Doc Andy Shanti