This is my story... by Kazusa (Kaz) Flanagan


October 2009.

It was a serene and peaceful night in Tokyo.

I was Jake Shimabukuro's manager at the time
and touring with him all over the world.

After another sold-out show, I was trying to catch up
some computer work in my hotel room.

Then...I felt uncomfortableness in my right breast.
There was a lump.
Small, sure, but it was as hard as a rock.

Oh, no.....
I got frightened.
I knew immediately what was wrong with me.
I should say it was a female instinct.

Upon my return to Hawaii,
I had 2 surgeries which resulted in a double mastectomy.

Also, going through brutal chemotherapy, I ended up
becoming a person who is not only breasts-less but also
hopeless and desireless for life.

Threw away ALL of my swimsuits and even bras
because.... why would I need them??

I was devastated.

A couple of years later, my miserable life had changed into
a really bright one!

One day, my good friend Heidi Taam dragged me to Iwalani's house.
I met Iwalani for the first time, but she changed my life.

Who is Iwalani?

Iwalani Isbell is the amazing creator of "Pualani Hawaii".
She is like.... a mixture of an angel and magician.
You will know what I mean when you try her suits on.

To make a long story short, with Iwalani's love and help, I found a few styles that
fit me.

I mean, THEY FIT ME!!


You can't imagine how excited I was.
I realized that I was still a woman and could wear swimsuits!

As a matter of fact, I was happy with not only finding suits that
fit me, but also with finding "real me" was coming back because
I met Pualani.



This is my story of how I met Pualani Hawaii.
This is how my new and miracle life started.

Excited me started promoting Pualani to women who
were going through the same health issues.

And a few years later, God gave me another miracle to
open up "Pualani Hawaii Beachwear",  Pualani's flagship
on Monsarrat Ave in Honolulu.

One thing I want you to know is though that
Pualani is not specifically designed for
women with breast cancer.

Pualani is designed for every woman of all ages and
body figures even with ISSUES.

I am sure you carry some kind of issues of your body.
Too small, too big, too flat, too curvy etc etc...

I highly recommend you visit me here and
experience "Pualani Miracle" YOURSELF.

Good news is that I'm here every day to help you.
Let's chat and find a suit together that makes your imperfect
body perfect.
I guarantee you go home with a feeling of great success.

Looking forward to meeting you soon.


Love, Peace, and Bikinis

Kazusa (Kaz) Flanagan
Pualani Hawaii Beachwear
Store Owner