Surfer Towel "Aloha Pineapple" by Christie Shinn

Surfer Towel "Aloha Pineapple" by Christie Shinn

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As surfers, it is important to us that we not contribute to the pollution that closes our beaches and makes our waterways unsafe.  When we set out to create a better towel, we didn't want to add another product to the sea of fast fashion that is choking our planet.  That's why our towels are made with classic designs, lasting materials and a functional afterlife.  Check out some of the reasons our towels are better for the environment:

Less washing = less waste

Our towels dry faster than any other towel we've tested, natural or synthetic.  Replacing your standard bath towels with Surfer Towels could significantly reduce your weekly laundry load.  Surfer Towels dry lightning fast so they'll stay fresher for longer and you won't need to wash them as often.  

**A note about microplastic waste**  Our towels are made with polyester and nylon.  Like all synthetic materials including your swimsuit, boardshorts and yoga gear, our material should be washed with a GuppyFriend bag if you have concerns about microplastic waste.  Follow this link to get your own:

Save energy

When it's time to wash your Surfer Towel, you'll use half the energy, water and soap because each towel takes up so little room in the washing machine. Whether you live in Hawaii or Canada, hanging to dry is a fast, year-round option that saves loads of energy.

Travel Light

Take your towel with you when you travel and avoid sending hotel/gym towels to the laundry.  Make it part of your daily life and you'll be saving water and energy wherever you go. 


We have built our towels to last so you won't have to replace yours for many years.  When you're ready to move on to a new towel, don't send it to the landfill, cut it into 9x12 sheets and replace your paper towels with super absorbent, washable cloths. You can also use them to wash your dishes, saving the purchase of a new sponge every few weeks.  Because our material dries so quickly, it doesn't pick up that musty sponge smell, just toss your cloth in the laundry and grab a fresh one. Every day can be new sponge day! 

Made responsibly

Our products meet and exceed international quality, safety, sustainability and performance standards.  Our manufacturer is ISO 14001 and Oeko-Tex Standard100 certified, which are two of the highest international standards for environmental commitment in manufacturing.  Our manufacturer is committed to constant improvement of the environmental impact of their processes and they are audited quarterly by an international standards commission to make sure they continue to meet these high standards. 


Our towels create almost no industrial waste and our printing process uses only non-toxic inks.  Unlike dyed towels, our process doesn't produce any waste water.   The material and inks we use have been tested to be non-toxic by international quality control agency Intertek.  

 After Life

Though we don't have many returns, we repurpose all returned or b-grade towels towels into VERSACLOTHS.  We call them that because they can be used for just about any job.  They replace paper towels, the kitchen sponge (and they can be washed instead of thrown out after a week of use), they clean smudges off sunglasses and remove make up with nothing but water. They're also great to keep in your glove compartment or purse so can say no to paper napkins when dining out. After years of service, if you're ready to move on to a new Surfer Towel, we encourage you to give your old one an afterlife by creating your own VERSACLOTHS.